We offer a large variety of products and services you can add to your boat online:
If you can´t find the extra you are looking for on the information provided about your chosen boat trip, then it is not possible to match that extra with your trip.
If you would like something that we have not thought of, write to us and we can respond to your request.


Tapas menu on board - 60€/each (Minimum 2 people)
A wide selection of the typical catalan tapas: bread with tomato, xató salad, marisco salad, manchego cheese, Iberian ham, omelette with potatoes and onions, fresh peeled shrimps and coulant, with a Catalan white wine or soft drinks pack.

Champagne Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial – 85€

Soft drinks pack - 25€
Includes one drink per person: choose from water, beer or coke.

Bottle of cava - 25€

Celebration pack - 40€
Includes soft drinks pack and a bottle of cava.

Snacks - 40€/each (Minimum 2 people)
Includes: dried fruit and nuts, potatoes, olives and soft drinks pack.

Extra person - 40€
Get a bigger sailboat for a maximum of 11 people.

Extra hour
Add an extra hour/s to your trip. Price depends on the type of boat.

Extra destination
Extra fuel supplies to travel to a destination that is further than the destination established for your trip. Price depends on the type of boat and the chosen destination.

add extras to your sailing tours