What do I need to wear?
It is best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Avoid heels and black soled shoes as they can damage the boats. In summer we recommend that you bring swim wear, a towel and clothes to change into after swimming; in winter a waterproof jacket is a good idea. It is always important to bring sun cream and sun glasses. If you are staying for the night or longer, you will find that even in summer, temperatures can drop at night and you may feel cold.

I am worried about sea sickness, what can I do to avoid getting seasick?
Make sure you stay active and don’t think about feeling dizzy. Failing this, you can also buy sea sickness tablets which will help.

I have children and they can’t swim.
Don’t worry, we supply all boats with life jackets for children and adults. However it is always best to inform us if you have children aboard the boat to ensure that we can provide everything you need.

What route does the boat take?
Embarking from the port you can see the whole skyline of the city, the most famous buildings and the rooftops which tower above the rest. Depending on the sea and wind conditions, the skipper will chose the most appropriate route. You can decide how to use your time: sailing the open sea, swimming next to the beach or enjoying the sea breeze and the incredible views of the Catalan coast.

When is the best time of day to set sail?
You can set sail any time of day. In winter it is better to choose a morning time slot; in summer, all hours are fine, don´t hesitate; book your time slot now!

Is it possible to sail in winter?
Yes! In the Mediterranean the weather is mild all year, with plenty of sunshine, with the exception of a few rainy days. Sunny winter days are perfect for feeling the sea breeze and escaping from the stress of the city. Try it!